Giving Your Home a Facelift

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Most people start and end their day at home. And because most of our lives are spent in our
abodes, it is important that we feel comfortable and relaxed when we do. As time goes on tastes
change boredom sets in and the need to give your home a facelift appears. So what happens
when you want to freshen up your living space but lack the funds to transform your home or hire
a team of handymen.

Here are some do it yourself ways to upgrade your home:

Declutter, Organise and Clean

One of the quickest and cost-effective ways to breathe new life into your home is to give it a
good cleaning out. The accumulation of clutter can lead to your space feeling overcrowded and
more like a storeroom than a home. Take the time to organise your belongings and get rid of the
things you no longer need. Once everything has its place, deep clean countertops, carpets,
walls and cupboards. This is a free and easy way to revamp your house in no time at all.

Quick Coat of Paint

If your home is looking a bit drab, you won’t believe the change a little bit of paint will make.
Painting the interior and exterior of your home is the quickest way to completely transform it.
Think about playing around with different hues and tones to immediately freshen up your home.

Do Some Yard Work

When we think about home makeovers, your garden and yard may be at the bottom of your to-
do list. But nothing makes your home look more dishevelled than an overgrown and messy lawn.
Luckily you don’t have to spend thousands on professional landscaping to get a manicured
garden. All you have to do is trim a few bushes, pull out weeds and dead plants, cut the grass
and plant a flower bed or two. You could also make some ornaments out of old buckets, plates
and anything else you may have in your home.

Swap Out Old Accessories

An easy way to update the interior of your home and give it a light and brand new feel is to
replace old bedding, throw pillows, curtains, rugs and any other decorative pieces. By simply
changing one or two items in a room, you can breathe new life into your personal space. Keep
an eye out for sales at local home stores to pick up inexpensive linen and visit thrift stores to get
cheaper pieces of decor.

Move Things Around

There is a saying that compares moving your bedroom around to going on a holiday. This
applies to the rest of your house as well. Try arranging your furniture in ways that completely
change the look and feel of a room. Swap the position of your cupboards with couches and side
tables with the TV stand.

Make Use of Light

Another way to refresh the look of your home is to pay attention to how certain rooms are lit.
Your kitchen should be brighter than your bedroom etc. Update old light fixtures and play
around with different types of light bulb strengths. By changing a few globes around, you can
easily revive all the rooms in your house and create an inviting ambience. Swap out dark and
dated lamp shades for a neutral colour and allow enough natural light to enter your space.

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