Firzt Realty Company | Testimonials

I wanted to let you know that I received the MOST amazing service from Lynn and could not be more grateful. She advised me with so much compassion while still being completely professional. And I think what I appreciate is that she was as kind to the (almost unqualified) tenant as she was to me. This is so unusual and lends such a "human" aspect to doing business. Lynn is a gem and I can't wait to hug her and thank her in person when I am next in SA.

Marcia Manning

Good Morning Denese, I have recently had occasion to utilize one of your rental agents, Lynn Ratner, for a property we bought the property through Massimo, an agent of yours. Both experiences have been excellent. Massimo was highly professional and communicated well throughout the sale negotiations. Lynn was a real star-proactive, honest and dynamic. Thank you so much for raising the bar out there!

Marina Constas

A big thank you to Keith..he really showed how they have come to be regarded as the "Melrose Mayoresses", and with a few Showdays they truly had the surrounding area buzzing with a feel for our lovely home. I cannot praise him enough and can only wish you every success with him, he is invaluable to your business.

B. Thomas

Thanks, Charlene. Many thanks for being so enthusiastic and proactive with the property sale. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services.


Hi Denese, This is an email from a very impressed client of Velika. She sold my house in 4 days. She had an excellent strategy and always was professional but more than that I and my parents felt we were not a number but were treated with much warmth and sincerity. Thank you very much, she is a gem!

Gisele Orsmond