"I wanted to let you know that I received the MOST amazing service from Lynn and could not be more grateful. She advised me with so much compassion while still being completely professional. And I think what I appreciate is that she was as kind to the (almost unqualified) tenant as she was to me. This is so unusual and lends such a "human" aspect to doing business. Lynn is a gem and I can't wait to hug her and thank her in person when I am next in SA." - Marcia Manning

"A big thank you to Keith & Estelle..the two of them really showed how they have come to be regarded as the "Melrose Mayoresses", and with a few Showdays they truly had the surrounding area buzzing with a feel for our lovely home. I cannot praise them enough and can only wish you every success with these two who are both invaluable to your business." - B. Thomas

"Thanks Charlene. Many thanks for being so enthusiastic and proactive with the property sale. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services." - Lauren

"Hi Rufina,
I just want to say thank you very much for all your help and support throughout the sale process and for managing to fetch us our asking price!.. Also, the excellent service and support we had from you after the offer to purchase was signed.." - George Plakas

"Hi Denese, This is an email from a very impressed client of Velika. She sold my house in 4 days. She had an excellent strategy and always was professional but more than that I and my parents felt we were not a number but were treated with much warmth and sincerity. Thank you very much, she is a gem! " - Gisele Orsmond

"I would like to place on record the exceptional experience I had in signing a Mandate with Gary Jerrard..
He went above and beyond my wildest expectations on this deal in his professionalism and friendliness and his absolute willingness to help out in any way.." - Mike Kiley

"Dear Jodi
I have never met or seen an agent who works as you do. You certainly work hard. So friendly, calm but very efficient and professional, you make sure that everything necessary gets done. You inspire confidence because you make us feel that you have your clients' best interests at heart and you are prepared to put in the effort needed to achieve good outcomes. Your integrity and professionalism reflects the ethos of Firzt and I know whom I will call if we need to sell our property.Thank you for making me feel that dealing with an estate agent can be a positive experience.
Please feel free to pass this email on to your director." - Freda Neimann

Hi Ephraim, Your staff I dealt with (Greg and Ilana Tatz) deserve a congratulations on trying to assist me during this stressful period.
Well done to them, were credit is due it needs to be given. Regards B. Peers

"I would like to place on record how impressed I was with both the professionalism and efficiency displayed by Goitsi in managing our property and finding us a tenant. Our previous tenant left on short notice and we panicked resulting in my husband contacting way to many estate agents at once in order to get it rented. Goitsi was the only one who made the effort to put up a board outside, take us on board as a rather desperate couple and work the property responding to our requests to drop the price and updating the website/s.Dealing with her has been an absolute pleasure and above all things I would like to commend her approach, her energy, her willingness to help and most importantly her proactive and responsive communication.I have dealt with many estate agents in the past (some from your organization which I have found less than pleasant to be honest and whom I didn’t want to work with) but she has restored my faith in your organisation and is a true ambassador for your company and brand.

Thank you once again Goitsi, it has truly been a pleasure." - Tanya Phillips

"I’ve just dealt with Massimo - all I can is that Firzt is honestly the most outstanding real estate agency."¬†- Candice¬†